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Another Image Of Joy

Yep! Their family card arrived via a gracious nephew visiting family here. And with it, three of her choice libations: Two Pinots and a Chardonnay, from her choice wineries. Woohoo! It’s time for a Snoopy jig! This post is in … Continue reading

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A Picture of Joy

This post is in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy!  Watching Beau running around so happy is just a pleasure! Related: Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy (forestwoodfolkart.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy (katjusablog.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy of Dogs … Continue reading

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Focal Point

This week’s photo challenge by The Daily Post is titled “One.”  Every good photograph needs a focal point. It’s the thing that draws the viewer’s eye and tells the story. Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: One (nwframeofmind.com) Weekly Photo Challenge … Continue reading

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The Layered Dead

When we first visited Prague in the Summer of 2008, we were just awed by what this city had to show us. Every morning after breakfast, we would head out to explore, mostly on foot the various sections of the … Continue reading

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So Hue Me!

I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge presented by Cheri Lucas Rowlands last week, The Hue of You.  That gave me pause.  What color do I choose to describe me, I wondered.  Here’s what I came up with: The sun plays … Continue reading

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Panting In The Morning

There’s nothing like the sound of panting, With wafts of warm air In your face, As you rouse From your dreamless slumber. Your eyes flutter; What slowly comes into focus, A pair of wet nostrils, A pink tongue, And lo! … Continue reading

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Sated Yet?

There’s a saying in my hubby’s parents’ hometown in the Philippines that when one is overfull from eating (0r overeating), one becomes sad (malungkot). My hubby likes to call the state, “post-prandial triste.”  Somehow, it seems apt.  There is the … Continue reading

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Elephant No. 81

Where was the world when the 81st elephant closed her droopy lids for the last time after she drank from a water hole that was contaminated with industrial cyanide normally used for gold mining?  This dastardly deed was done by … Continue reading

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Peering Inside Windows

Whenever we travel, I like looking at what’s inside a lot of shops. I enjoy looking at what retailers do to present an inviting spread, a novel idea, or simply an expression of their creativity. Here are some more recent … Continue reading

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From Different Angles

I have always admired how people present their photographs of sometimes the most mundane everyday ordinary images with such fresh and unique perspectives.  In this week’s DP Photo Challenge, Cheri asks us to show an unusual point of view (POV). … Continue reading

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