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The Pretend Reindeer

Happy Holidays to the WordPress Community!

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Fish Blind?

Ever since our daughter acquired her pet fish, Wolf, about two years ago, we would periodically be asked to fish sit when she had to go away on trips.  On a recent trip with her friends to Washington, she brought … Continue reading

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Beau At The Window

Yesterday, I was finishing up in the kitchen when Beau sauntered over and kept rubbing and leaning against me. I thought he wanted to go out.  And so, I walked to the back door and let him outside. I figured … Continue reading

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This Dog!

I received this message from my hubby on my phone. It said, “This Dog!”  With it was a photo of Beau seated outside on our porch at home. Let me explain before you view the photo:  When we got Beau … Continue reading

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Dog Time

Yes, we have been away for two and a half weeks. Yes, Beau was well cared for when we were away. And when we came back, we were swamped with a mountain of unopened mail, work, chores, returning calls, meetings, … Continue reading

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Our Dog Luke

He came into our lives on a cool October afternoon almost 12 years ago. Louie had chosen him from the litter because he was the biggest and friendliest of the bunch. The minute we set eyes on him, we were … Continue reading

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