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The Soap Collection 

Late last December, my cousins gave me some specialty soaps for the Holidays. It turns out that this project was long overdue. My aunt, Thelma V. Leelin, their mother, had spent most of her life a revered dermatologist in Manila. … Continue reading

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CVS Butts Out!

By now, most people have heard the breaking news that CVS, one of the biggest pharmaretailers in the United States, has decided to remove cigarettes from all their 7600 locations by October 2014.  I have always wondered why these pharmacy … Continue reading

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What Not To Say

I noticed the past 3 years or so, I’ve had friends and family who have taken ill with a serious health problem or some, have passed away after a protracted illness.  Ever since I was young, I’ve always wondered about … Continue reading

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Starbucks Ups The Ante!

Yesterday it was confirmed that Starbucks will be extending its No Smoking Policy to within 25 feet of its locations, including locations where there is outdoor seating. As expected, news and social media has been in a tizzy about it. … Continue reading

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Angie’s Confession

People like Angelina Jolie will always elicit a reaction, whether positive or negative, from just about everyone.  It’s hard to ignore her kind.  Extremely attractive, to say the least. (Yes, this can backfire when people choose to be ruled by … Continue reading

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Vanna, On Her First Anniversary

Today went like any other regular work day.  It was overcast in the morning over the Bay Area.  It had been raining since yesterday.  They promised some sun by the afternoon.  And indeed, the sun came out but the air … Continue reading

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Dinner and Strategy

Image via Wikipedia On a cold and windy evening last March 25, 2011, four women gathered at Il Fornaio.  The mood was somber in spite of the warm welcomes and friendly anecdotes about family and friends.  They were old friends … Continue reading

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Wasted Opportunity

When I think about the course of events since we last sat at the office of your oncologist 2 years ago, and discussed the plans for your future, I can’t help but shake my head in dismay. What a waste … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Mortality

I received an email from an old friend, Christine Leviste-Consunji. She was asking for prayers for one of her sisters, who would be undergoing surgery for cancer.  Needless to say, this took me by surprise.  My mind wandered off to … Continue reading

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