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Is Peace Possible?

A few days ago, I came across a challenge asking, “Is peace possible in the Middle East?” from Scott Berkun’s The Daily Post at All at once, a million ideas came to my mind.  I had to work, … Continue reading

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On the Road to Tahoe

We met Bruce sometime when we moved to the Bay Area from Toronto in the late 90’s. Back then, he was a friend of a friend. But it wasn’t until sometime in 2003 when my husband started talking about shooting … Continue reading

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Yayas and Nannies

A friend asked me if I’ve had the opportunity to watch “The Help,” which came out on theaters recently.  Unfortunately, I have not had a chance.  I read the book about two years ago.  It was passed on to me … Continue reading

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I’m not sure if the practice of naming one’s offspring after one’s self is still customary these days but when I was growing up, I often encountered an acquaintance, classmate or friend who is named after one of his/her parents … Continue reading

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Graduation Blues

Last night, we brought them to the airport.  They were almost bursting with excitement.  This trip will become the culmination of their journey over the last four years. It was only two days ago, when we watched them receive their … Continue reading

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Over Quiche and Pork Roast

It was a pleasant Monday evening in May. The sun was still out when we all made our way to Anna’s new home up on a hill. She welcomed us at the door and led us into her kitchen. The … Continue reading

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Dimsum Morning

We saw their familiar faces as they approached us through the glass doors.  We waved.  Their faces broke into bright smiles. “It seems we haven’t seen you for ages,” we all chimed in different versions to one another. We were … Continue reading

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Tribute to Vicki in Three Parts

Catalyst “I don’t understand why you can’t. Or won’t.” She whimpered, acutely aware she sounded desperate. He shrugged.  “I don’t believe in it.  You know that.” He continued looking intently at his laptop. “But we’ve been together for 11 years … Continue reading

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Wasted Opportunity

When I think about the course of events since we last sat at the office of your oncologist 2 years ago, and discussed the plans for your future, I can’t help but shake my head in dismay. What a waste … Continue reading

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Mothers & Sons, Sons & Their Mothers

What is it about mothers and sons, or sons and their mothers? A steadfast, unspoken, pervasive bond between two people, almost palpable in its honesty. I noticed it more in the last two or three years of my mother-in-law’s life. … Continue reading

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