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Junk Food, Obesity, And Our Children

I finally got a chance to take a few minutes to read Michelle Obama’s NYT Op-Ed last May 28, 2014, entitled The Campaign for Junk Food.  In it, the first lady shared the progress being made by the initiative Let’s … Continue reading

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On Dietary Supplements

My mother told me recently that she has decided to take a vitamin supplement for seniors.  When I asked why, she shrugged, “I don’t know. I think I need it.”  In all of her 80 years, my mother has always … Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch

“You’re five minutes late!” my father said, as I reached over to kiss him on his forehead.  He was sitting in the kitchen, on the breakfast table facing the glass doors looking out to our mother’s garden. The sunlight was … Continue reading

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Dimsum Morning

We saw their familiar faces as they approached us through the glass doors.  We waved.  Their faces broke into bright smiles. “It seems we haven’t seen you for ages,” we all chimed in different versions to one another. We were … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Mortality

I received an email from an old friend, Christine Leviste-Consunji. She was asking for prayers for one of her sisters, who would be undergoing surgery for cancer.  Needless to say, this took me by surprise.  My mind wandered off to … Continue reading

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