About The Half Cookie

I did say that one day, we will talk about these events, such as addressing envelopes while considering travel tags and beach bags, and we might have a good laugh. So, I thought I might memorialize some of these for future laughs here.

I did not notice that you snuck away for a second from facing the printer with your laptop on your lap. I was still stuck with you holding your breath every time the printer rumbled efficiently until it spat out a properly formatted envelope. Or not.

There you were returning a little apologetically, head peeking in first, “Is it okay if I only took half a cookie? It’s so good but I know I should not take all of it.”

Of course it’s okay. How can it be not be?

Half Cookie photo courtesy of EatJxn Erin who reviewed the Cowboy cookie from Broad Street Bakery, Jackson, MS. See what it's about at:  http://eatjackson.com/blog/2014/06/12/cowboy-cookie/

Half Cookie photo courtesy of EatJxn Erin who reviewed the Cowboy cookie from Broad Street Bakery, Jackson, MS. See what it’s about at: http://eatjackson.com/blog/2014/06/12/cowboy-cookie/

But then, I wanted to add but refrained: I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. You are about to marry a notoriously unconscionable chocolate candy taster!

Remember the box of chocolates that Forrest Gump used to carry while he waited at the bus stop?  Well, we get a couple of those a year from friends and business associates. At this house, whenever I get around to opening any of them, they have all been picked on, with rejects half eaten or nibbled on and returned to the box. Yes! Teeth marks and all!

You might think it’s cute now. Wait until you have to contend with rejected halves of chocolates the umpteenth time. I would recommend that you get to the boxes first!

As for the well-meaning friends and family who want to do this and that for you at this time in your life, I say, “Let them!”  We are always mindful that we should be generous givers. We also have to know how to be gracious receivers.

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3 Responses to About The Half Cookie

  1. prior says:

    still laughing at seeing you open the boxes to the ones that were put back – ha! same thing happens here – 🙂

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  2. kamilica2002 says:

    The cookie appears to be delicious, and then, will be eaten of course. Have you read a book “Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it Too” ? I haven’t read it yet but I’m going to and hopefully one day “you can be both happy and married”.

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