Bright Yellow on Stormy

Earlier this morning, I drove my husband to the airport. It has been raining all weekend in the Bay Area. Yes, finally, a good pour. The dog has been minimizing his time outside. It has been overcast.  It would be light later in the morning and dark earlier by the afternoon, pretty much par for the course as we approach winter solstice in three weeks.

Bright Yellows on Trousdale Avenue, Burlingame this first morning in December, 2014. Photo credit (c) likeitiz

Bright Yellows on Trousdale Avenue, Burlingame this first morning in December, 2014. Photo credit (c) likeitiz

On the drive back, I could not help but get a lift out of the row of resplendent show of color the trees lining Trousdale Avenue, defiant against the backdrop of somber grays and ominous darks.  It’s still going to be a great day! And week.

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12 Responses to Bright Yellow on Stormy

  1. That is a delightful photograph, and indeed some intense colours. I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas holiday.


  2. prior says:

    the way you ended it was inspiring 🙂 – and the trees are golden and cheery – so nice

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    • prior says:

      well I am making a page to kind of celebrate 2014 – and here is the image I made for likeitiz…

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      • likeitiz says:

        This is genius! And there’s Beau on the hot cocoa too! Too much! Thank you! I wonder how I can re-blog this.


      • prior says:

        oh you are so sweet – well I think you can just drag it off your computer and then upload it into your media file. 🙂
        but before you do that – you might want to make your own – I have been messing around with a site called “photofunia” and you just insert photos into their stock images – I have been adding my twist to them with some more processing, but check it out –
        and just take a screen shot of your creation cos some folks cannot download the program thing…


  3. markbialczak says:

    Gorgeous photo, likeitiz!

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  4. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Yes its a lovely bright morning, have a good week!

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  5. Rose says:

    Love those trees…I can almost feel them sway from here. 🙂

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