Guest Post: Fitness Accessories For The Busy Person

Guest post by Sara Upton

Best Fitness Trackers, photo courtesy of

Best Fitness Trackers, photo courtesy of

As a recent college graduate, I’ve found my time is much more of a commodity than it used to be. In school, it seemed like life was much more carefree than it is today, and now as a young professional with a job and a mortgage, I’m much more limited in what I have time to do. This is especially true when it comes finding the time to stay fit. Not only does working out give me more energy, but it helps to deal with stress–and that’s something worth contributing my time to.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for me to maintain my fitness even if I can’t get to a gym on a certain day. So for all of you out there who can’t seem to find the time to work out, this post is for you. Here are a few recommendations I have when it comes to getting gadgets for the busy fitness enthusiast:

Nike Vapor Headphones

Geek Sugar notes that these headphones are perfect for working out. With their over-the-ear clips, they will stay in place even if your workout is really intense, so they won’t slip out of your ears like normal ear buds (that’s happened to me several times before). Plus, the long cord means there’s less restriction when connecting the headphones to an MP3 player. And all for the price of only $30.

 Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Wear this on your wrist to track your runs with the built-in GPS. The device also monitors your heart rate, so you can keep track of how hard you’re working out. According to its description at Verizon Wireless, the gadget has “a built-in accelerometer [that] counts every step so you can monitor your stride while preparing for that 10K or just getting in shape.” I’ve found that it really helps me to stay focused and to know how good of a workout I’m getting. And while the price is a bit hefty, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck: it costs $400.

 Misfit Shine

This unique piece of tech lets you look fashionable when working out, as mentioned by Digital Trends. The Misfit Shine is a fitness tracker that records your motion when walking, swimming, cycling, or jogging. It’s accompanied by the Misfit App, which lets you set daily goals. And it shows you your progress through a series of LED lights on the perimeter of the product. The waterproof device also can track your sleeping habits, so you can make sure you’re resting well after a workout. Perhaps the coolest thing about this product is that, for an extra cost, you can convert it into a bracelet or a necklace. Or you could just use it as a clip-on accessory. Also, due to its small size (about the size of a quarter), it’s convenient to wear. You can get it for $120.

About the Author

Sara Upton is a homeowner, writer, and huge Star Wars geek. When she’s not writing, exercising, or taking care of her house, she’s probably reading a novel about a galaxy far, far away.


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