12 Responses to Well, It’s About Time, Mr. Obama!

  1. Well said, I can’t believe I’m not getting notifications of your posts. Hence why I am liking and commenting on so many at once (as I’m sure you’ve noticed!) And I’m glad you raised the point about Benghazi and the Boston Marathon bombing, because its extremely relevant and only the top of the iceberg. The FBI itself claimed during the height of the “domestic wiretapping” scandal that these measures did nothing to help them, that they already had suspected terrorists under surveillance, and this only flooded their offices with hours and hours of useless information.

    What’s more, men like George Tenet (former head of the CIA) and Richard Clarke (former head of the NSA) – both of whom were “retired” by W. – have proven through their testimonies that none of these measures were needed to prevent 9/11. They knew who the hijackers were and had more than a fair estimate of what they were doing and when it was going to happen. All that was needed was for them to be able to do their jobs, which they could not do because of the incompetence and negligence of their immediate bosses – W., Rumsfeld and Rice – because they did not trust “Clinton-era advisors” and refused to meet with them.


  2. john todaro says:

    Were he alive today, I’d like to think Thomas Payne would be proud of posts like this.


  3. auntyuta says:

    These authors, Orwell and Huxley, maybe they understood better than our politicians where all this is leading us into.


  4. berlioz1935 says:

    Some people, especially from the conservative side of politics, treat the whole affair as a joke.
    1. If you haven’t done any wrong you don’t need to worry.
    2. They are gathering so much information that they will never read your e-mail.

    You know the Australian secret service (ASIO) has been spying even on the wife of the Indonesian President.

    When I was a boy we learnt a song “Die Gedanken sind frei (The thoughts are free)” here is the translation of the first verse:
    Thoughts are free, who can guess them?
    They fly by like nocturnal shadows.
    No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them
    with powder and lead: Thoughts are free!

    But it seems modern technology has given some people the means to lock up our thought forever. I pity Barack Obama he seemed a decent man, but those people in the NSA have broken him. National security is now the new banner we all have to follow.

    PS. I’m sure this comment will have now a permanent place on a hard disk at the NSA


  5. auntyuta says:

    I want to reblog this! Thanks for this well thought out post, dear Mary-Ann.


  6. auntyuta says:

    Reblogged this on auntyuta and commented:
    I hope a lot of people are going to read this.


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