Bilton’s Rule

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Since my post last November about the F.A.A. Lifting the ban on smart devices during take-off or landing, the issue to cell phone use has come up again and again. Yesterday, at KQED’s Forum, Dave Iverson interviewed Nick Bilton, Tech columnist and reported for The New York Times. Mr. Bilton has approached the matter from all angles and I find his analysis thorough and comprehensive.

I had expressed my trepidation about these developments, however. As much as I have Mr. Bilton to thank for now being able to keep my eReader powered up throughout a flight, I dread the possibility that I may be sandwiched between irate callers arguing on their devices totally oblivious to their physical surroundings.

Have you heard or read about this?  What’s your take on it?

I certainly hope that the profit driven market will not prevail on this one.  Or else, as I have mentioned before, we need “Cones of Silence” installed in all the seats for our sanity.

We have banned smoking because we share the air we breathe inside planes.  We should treat the limited space each of us have with the same respect.

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6 Responses to Bilton’s Rule

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  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    This issue can only get worse I fear.


  3. Seems straight forward to me and it is nothing to do with the technology. Take off and landing are the most dangerous parts of any flight so if there is an incident and airline staff call for an evacuation then they need complete attention.without the distraction of e devices. Surely people can manage without them for just a few minutes. Personally I dread the day when mobile phones are generally available for use on board a plane as many users don’t have the manners to use with any sort of awareness of the impact on others.


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