A Dalliance, A Brush, A Flirtation

Clouds & Trees At Sunset In Kentucky With Pink Sky, Photo Credit Crystal A. Murray, August 30, 2008, Prestonia, Louisville, KY

Clouds & Trees At Sunset In Kentucky With Pink Sky, Photo Credit Crystal A. Murray, August 30, 2008, Prestonia, Louisville, KY

This morning, I felt the cold pull at my bones and gnaw at my fingers.  I had woken up early for my appointment today. After spending ten minutes checking a few emails, I reluctantly threw my covers to the side and swung my legs out.  Brrrrr! My toes met my cold waiting slippers.

I listened to the news as I was getting ready.  Well, it’s about time all the Web biggies (Google, Facebook, Apple to name a few) took a stand on Big Brother’s snooping into the minutiae of our lives. The Ex-Mayor of San Diego gets a slap on his hand for groping women?  Sheesh!  That’s it?  I hope Senator Jeanne Shaheen digs her heels on ACA.  In the long-term, it will be good for all.  We continue to mourn and celebrate Mandela’s passing and his life.

After slapping on the scarf and wrapping myself in a warm coat, I stepped over the dog lounging in the main hall and made my way out of the house.  The drive to the Ultrasound and Mammography place was quick and uneventful.

They showed me into the exam room and gave me my paper gown to put on. The room was at 78 degrees F. How kind of them!  I lay on the examination table while the technician switched the machine to life. We proceeded to examine me in the dim light. The gel lubricant and the probe were appropriately warmed too so they don’t have to peel me off the ceiling.  Minutes went by.  I was asked to turn slightly to the right, then slightly to the left. More lubricant gel. Arms over the head please. Get the hair out of the way of the gel. We certainly don’t want to leave the room with a new hairstyle.

When it was all done, the technician excused herself and called the radiologist.  A petite smiling woman entered and introduced herself. We were no strangers to each other. I’ve had other similar tests in the past 15 years.  She asked to look at more views.  So I lay down again and placed my arms above my head.

They had called me two days after my routine mammogram last week to request that I make an appointment for an ultrasound.

“You have dense breasts. So, an ultrasound would be better to delineate any suspicious structures,” the non-committal voice on the phone explained.

Well, all in all, the examination was thorough. No cyst nor calcified spot was left unexamined. And no, there was nothing there to warrant a biopsy.  My brush with the “big C” is to remain just that, a dalliance at most. You know what?  I’ll settle for a dalliance, a brush, a flirtation anytime, anywhere.

Snoopy's Happy Dance

Snoopy’s Happy Dance

P.S. I have a strong family history for the Boob-C.  Two relatives on my mother’s side.  Yes, we can all do our best with living healthy the best we could.  Then there is the matter of our genetic inheritance and our environment.

For today, I will do my Snoopy jig, if you don’t mind.

This post was inspired by WordPress Daily Prompt: A Source of Anxiety.  Please go see what the others have done with theirs.

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21 Responses to A Dalliance, A Brush, A Flirtation

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  2. seeker says:

    I am happy for you. I will be over the moon to hear this!


  3. Thank God it was negative. That must be a very scary moment not knowing what it was. My wife had a similar scare this year but looks like it was only inflammatory. Nevertheless, we all need to take all preventive measures we can get. Wishing you and your family all the blessings of the holidays.


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  5. anawnimiss says:

    Oh I love love love the snoopy jig! Congratulations on the happy news and god bless 🙂


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  9. Glad to hear that your exam went well. I don’t mind the Snoopy jig at all.


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  11. Danny James says:

    That’s why I volunteer for the ACS



  12. Congrats on the good news, I’m sure it was stressful waiting to hear.


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  14. Patinspire says:

    I celebrate your great results with you. It is always a relief to hear good results! Enjoy your week!


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