McAvoy’s Republic

Taylor Warren: Do you call yourself a Republican so you can make a claim to credibility when you attack the GOP?

Will McAvoy: No, I call myself a Republican ’cause I am one. I believe in market solutions, and I believe in common sense realities and the necessity to defend ourselves against a dangerous world and that’s about it. Problem is now I have to be homophobic. I have to count the number of times people go to church. I have to deny facts and think scientific research is a long con. I have to think poor people are getting a sweet ride. And I have to have such a stunning inferiority complex that I fear education and intellect in the 21st century. But most of all, the biggest new requirement, really the only requirement, is that I have to hate Democrats. And I have to hate Chris Christie for not spitting on the President when he got off Air Force One. The two-party system is crucial to the whole operation. There is honor in being the loyal opposition. And I’m a Republican for the same reasons you are. So I hope your voice gets louder in the next four years.

A couple of weekends ago, I decided to series binge on the second season of The Newsroom, an HBO Series by Aaron Sorkin.  As I listened to Will McAvoy (played superbly  by Jeff Daniels) spew out his stand as a true Republican at the second season finale of Newsroom, I had to look at my dog and around our family room to see who else might be listening to this very calmly and stolidly enumerated diatribe of what ails the GOP these days.  I wanted to get up and applaud!  Instead, I raised my tea mug to the character for his honesty.  Well said. Well said.

I too thought of my self a moderate Republican but it seems like a very long time ago. I would say, maybe pre-Clinton era.  I would add to Will’s enumeration that to be a Republican these days, I would have to swallow Santorum’s and Ryan’s pronouncements that women should stay home.  I would also have to accept Sarah Palin’s gaseous fluff and Rush Limbaugh’s nauseating gastrocolic-driven judgments splattered like torrential rain on anything that resembles liberal thinking, new-fangled (meaning, anything post-fifties era conservatism) or that came from the Dems.  I would also have to hate the ACA, the incumbent administration, and rant and rave about events such as Benghazi but refuse to even acknowledge (let alone applaud) catching Bin Laden. I would also have to keep questioning the citizenship of the current president and give praise to feckless irresponsible upstagers like Ted Cruz, who, after reading “Green Eggs and Ham” during his filibuster, still failed to get Dr. Seuss’ message. And then, I would have to gloat and brag about the government shutdown as a triumph of GOP might.

In the meantime, the rest of the world looks on worriedly, less trustingly, less confidently at the United States as formerly THE first world country to admire, emulate and fear. (I bet the rest of the world think Americans are crazy after that stunt!)

No, I don’t think so.

This post was inspired by Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue and Speaker7’s post on Rush Revere. Go see what she has to say.

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10 Responses to McAvoy’s Republic

  1. RMW says:

    Okay, so The Newsroom is now on my Netflix list thanks to you…. like I needed one more TV show to stream instead of doing some real work!!


  2. The Newsroom is on my list to watch, so it was good to get a little incentive to get started here. As for being Republican or not, I certainly understand your worries – and being non-USA-American I think you have a valid point about how the rest of the world sees USA.


    • likeitiz says:

      It’s not so much image I’m concerned about. It’s credibility and trust more than anything else. We take it for granted until we lose it. Once lost, it will take eons and mounds of work to get it back.


  3. I’ve never watched the show, but now I’m tempted. I love your honest assessment of what has become of the GOP and how they are marginalizing their membership and their own party. That said, I missed you and I’m glad to reconnect again after my extended, self-imposed hiatus. Glad to visit with you.
    Happy Holiday Season!


  4. Aussa Lorens says:

    Ah, I love that show! I’ve only watched the first season… Can’t wait for #2 to be streamable/rentable. It calls attention to so many things.


  5. trophos says:

    Ach, yes. We need, we benefit from, a thoughtful, intelligent, open-minded counter-balance to raving socialistic liberals like me! The Santorums and Palins are not helping matters at all. I don’t know if you consider yourself a conservative or what these days, but you’re a thinking, empathetic person, and that’s more important than party lines.


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