Beau Is Two

Beau sits up as we prepare his food. photo credit (c) Likeitiz

Beau sits up as we prepare his food. photo credit (c) Likeitiz

Beau turned two years old somewhere around this time. When we adopted him from Big Dog Rescue, they estimated his age at a year old. He was handed to us, papers, leash, and bowl, on November 19, 2012.  And so, this date became his birthday as far as we were concerned.

It’s been a pretty wild ride with this giant of a pup.  First we had to get used to his size.  Then we learned a few things:

  1. He does not fetch. Okay, so he’s not a retriever.
  2. He guards.  He runs around the beach like a mad animal, enjoying the expanse of the space. But once he sees someone approach us, he circles us. He stays close, touching our bodies with his as we walk.
  3. He does not attack his food like a crazed starved animal like Luke (our gold lab. rest in peace, boy.) used to.  He sits upright and watches us fill his bowl. When we’re done, he looks at his bowl. Sometimes, he’ll walk over and start to eat. Other times, he would remain sitting until we tell him to eat already.
  4. He’s a creature of habit. He likes to do his business on the same area. He sometimes even waits until we get home from our walks to do his business on his preferred place. In our yard, it’s under the redwoods in front and to the right. We have mulched that area super thick ever since. It makes for easy pick-up and clean-up.
  5. He’s a leaner. He will lean his torso against you if you’re standing. If you’re sitting, he will lean too. But then, he’ll slowly shift positions and before you know it, he’s sitting on your lap! Yes, he thinks he’s a lap dog.
  6. He goes to us when he needs to go out. He would come up really close, then give us this soulful look that makes us think he’s about to lick us or something. Then he would look at the door.,then look at us again. Then the door. Yeah, we get the message.
  7. He hardly ever barks. My hubby had to record barking and then play it to him so he’ll bark at all. He’d rather talk. Yes, he sometimes even talks to himself. But most of the time, he’s really quiet. A dog of a few words?
  8. He’s a sensitive soul. He hates getting reprimanded.  He does not like the finger-pointing and shaking gesture at all! So, he does not seem to repeat the same offense much.
  9. If we’re being laid back, he would be laid back too. When we want to go hiking or walking, he’s all prancing around the house.
  10. He’s a noisy drinker. It seems to take him a longer time to finish a bowl of water. We sometimes wonder if Great Danes are not efficient drinkers or something.
Beau is treated to special dog food for his birthday. photo credit (c) Likeitiz

Beau is treated to special dog food for his birthday. photo credit (c) Likeitiz

We’ve been through some interesting situations, most especially in the first four months that we had him home.  There was the chewing phase: The TV remote, the pens, my pads of paper, some towels, a few dog beds, the corner of a cabinet, to name a few. We learned the virtues of Bitter Yuck.

Then there was the peeing on the same corner of the kitchen a few times. We learned the virtue of the good scrub, then the disinfectant, then the deodorizer, then the odor camouflager.  We also learned to take him out more often.

He got bitten by a tick last June. This made him sick. He was prescribed antibiotics. He reacted to the antibiotics by getting even sicker.  Then followed about a month of waiting to see if he’d ever recover.  Slowly, the ulcers on his face and ears healed. His strength and appetite returned. But we did not see him run around like a crazy happy dog until August.

That’s all history now.  He’s an adolescent, we’re told. And on his way to adulthood. For tonight, we treated him to some premium organic canned dog food mixed in with his regular stuff.  And it was good to the last lick!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Beau!

Beau having his birthday meal. (c) Likeitiz

Beau having his birthday meal. (c) Likeitiz

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10 Responses to Beau Is Two

  1. auntyuta says:

    Only today I looked at this blog. I very much loved the pictures you included. It was so interesting to read about all your experiences with Beau. He really is a beautiful one and so sensitive! Sorry to hear he had to suffer so much because of that tick-bite. It’s great he regained his health eventually. I wish him all the best for his future growing up. Also wishing him many HAPPY RETURNS of his birthday! 🙂


  2. Can we make a facebook page for Beau? I think he’s old enough for social media.


  3. Happy Birthday beau you handsome devil:)


  4. says:

    LOVE THIS!!!


  5. esmeraldalyn says:

    Happy Birthday, Beau. You are such a handsome boy. I can’t wait to meet you.


  6. Happy Birthday Beau! I wish you all the love , joy and lots of exciting adventures!


  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    He’s a great boy 🙂


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