The 5X7 Card

Greeting Card From Mickey & Fred; photo credit (c) Likeitiz

Greeting Card From Mickey & Fred; photo credit (c) Likeitiz

A 5×7-size card arrived in the mail this afternoon.   An invitation? An announcement? A greeting likely.  Mickey’s unmistakable cursive draped across the front was a welcome surprise to a near-perfect Saturday afternoon. After all, how often do we receive snail mail these days with lavish descriptions of life events in meticulously penned script? It is a dying art.

In this age of social media, email, texting, MMS, BBM, snapchat, or whatever else is used to communicate in almost nanoseconds, the classic handwritten letter implies the extra efforts, the going out of one’s way to sit down, pen in hand, and compose thoughts on a piece of paper. Then, there is the work to seal the envelope, affix a stamp, walk or drive somewhere and deposit it into a mailbox.  Yes, in this day and age, all this makes these notes even more special.  And such an honor to receive.

I tucked the card hastily in my bag. We were headed out for a walk. Then a burger, hubby softly prophesied.

As we waited at a diner for our food, I eagerly brought the card out and proceeded to tear at the envelope. I looked over the watercolor scene on the cover. Italy?  No, France. 1943.

When I opened the card, all the words poured out. I could almost hear her say them, gushing with that famous twinkle in her eyes. I could see her arms gesturing and waving, once in a while stopping for a pose, for emphasis, and then a wink.  I chuckled as I handed the card for my hubby to enjoy.

Mickey's Letter 28 August 2013, photo credit (c) Likeitiz

Mickey’s Letter 28 August 2013, photo credit (c) Likeitiz

He read through the card, smiled, and handed it back. I reread the lines, savoring the little morsels of events, the witty quips, and wistful yearnings for more reunions to come, with lots of catching up, as our separate lives unfold.

We all live thousands of miles apart. But every one or two years, we have come together, all because of one person who binds us all: my sister-in-law, Merle.  Mickey (a.k.a. formally as Machrina) is one of Merle’s childhood friends.  She is married to Fred, and they are about to become grandparents, again.

It is always a welcome event when we get to catch up with everyone. I always believe that this is far better than reading a book or watching a film. Everyone’s life story is more interesting when told first hand by the very people who lived it, especially people we hold close to our hearts.  There is a unique depth to the entire experience, far more than any other media can provide.

I resolved to respond with our own salutations, life events, our own take on this and that. Or maybe I’ll just express my joy at receiving this card in this post!

P.S.  And yes, I will pack my paella pan and burner wherever we can make paella for good friends!  😉

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11 Responses to The 5X7 Card

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  3. seeker says:

    Handwritten letter, priceless now a days.


  4. Enjoyed reading through this post. You conveyed the emotions of reading the letter so beautifully. Thanks also for linking to my post. 🙂


  5. moi says:

    Good post. On the few occasions that I have sat down to do a hand written letter I rarely get the finish them. I am critical of my handwriting which starts neat (ish) and ends up messy as my hand gets tired. My typos annoy me and I have no correction fluid. It maybe something to do again though.


  6. john todaro says:

    Love this post. So much is completely missing in our current modes of communication.


  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    That’s very special.


  8. lidipiri says:

    The gift of friendship is so valuable no matter how brief. When it is one that last through the years and distance it is, as the commercial would say: priceless. The gift of extra effort is also invaluable when you can, these days, shorthand “caring” with a click of a “like” on FB or three words in a comment. You are blessed with a handwritten card from someone you love and that pairing is precious. Treasure it.


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