Three Friends

I received this copy of a very recent photo of my sister-in-law, Merle, with her friends (from way back when….) Nanette and Mickey.  We were all together on a trip that started in Prague, worked through Germany, and ended in Vienna, Austria.

Best Friends Forever on the Danube, July 2013:  Nanette, Mickey, and Merle; (c)  Photo Courtesy of Jim Ruhter

Best Friends Forever on the Danube, July 2013: Nanette, Mickey, and Merle; (c) Photo Courtesy of Jim Ruhter

I viewed the photo from last week’s trip and I thought, “Here are three friends who have shared a childhood, through scraped knees and pubescent woes, through oral recitations, writing assignments, term papers and reports, and have kept in touch over the years after career climbs, weddings, births, graduations, in three continents, and now, enjoying the empty nest together.  They are a testament to enduring friendships. Sans time. Sans place.  Sans life’s curve balls.”

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11 Responses to Three Friends

  1. writetowag says:

    What a treasure to still share your lives together!!!! Friendships are such blessings!!!!:-)


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  3. munchow says:

    Those three ladies look lovely, and seem to be enjoying each other and the moment. Yes, there is nothing like life long friendship.


  4. there is nothing more precious than a life long friendship. they are rare.


  5. Madhu says:

    A beautiful portrait of enduring friendship 🙂


  6. Enduring friendship last forever and like precious stones, even get more valuable and priceless through the years. It is a joy to see them. An inspiration that no matter what life brings us, family overcomes everything and anything. Thanks for sharing this.


  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    I also have lifelong friendships and consider myself very lucky to be so blessed. 🙂


  8. says:

    Great photograph! Prague sounds so exotic !


  9. esmeraldalyn says:

    My friends continue to amaze me with joy and gratitude.


  10. lidipiri says:

    Sans time. Sans place. Sans life’s curve balls… and WITH it all as well. True friendship endures. Such great timing since today is “Friendship Day” in many countries!


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