Name The Creature

While Walking through the town of Passau along the Danube River in Germany last week, we chanced upon a curio shop in one of the side streets.  Our eyes were drawn to this stuffed creature.

Mysterious Creature as seen on a shop window in Passau, Germany (c) Likeitiz

Mysterious Creature as seen on a shop window in Passau, Germany (c) Likeitiz

As you can see, it has the head and body of a hare or jack rabbit. But it has two horns like an antelope. Aside from its short forelimbs (Gee! You need a manicure pretty badly!) it has wings and feathers for a tail. And then, when you look at its hind limbs,it has webbed feet!

Can anyone tell me what creature this might be? Could it be a jackalope duck or goose? Would one consider it an evolved creature? Or someone’s crazy imagination? A masterpiece? Or a practical joke?

It would be a challenge for a taxonomists, huh!

This post was made in response to this past week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece. Do click the link so you can see what others came up with.


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22 Responses to Name The Creature

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  2. frizztext says:

    those “animals” are the running gag in Bavaria since 500 years …


  3. Awesome! Reminds me of X-men only it’s a rabbit with super stuff!


  4. djmatticus says:

    A jackalope that happened to drink the runoff water from Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant…? Not sure how it ended up in Germany.
    A jackalope dawk?
    The nightmare that will haunt me the rest of the week?


  5. It’s a mutant alright. Darwin should have seen this. 🙂


  6. moi says:

    Sabre Toothed Rabbit… it has to be a joke.


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  9. sfchapman says:

    That’s crazy!


  10. Madhu says:

    A weird hybrid of bat, rabbit and a ram???? Oh I forgot the tail and what seems like embroidered wings 😀 Great catch Mary Ann.


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  13. Beth says:

    Wow! Looks like the creator couldn’t make up his/her mind, or wanted to see what kind of eclectic creation he could piece together. Very interesting in a strange kind of way 😉


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