Dutch Chocolate Not Just For The Lonely

Walking around the neighborhood where we are staying in Amsterdam's centrum, (c) likeitiz

Walking around the neighborhood where we are staying in Amsterdam’s centrum, (c) likeitiz

We checked into our apartment rental in the heart of Amsterdam’s “centrum,” one of those where you walk up two flights of stairs to a quiet well-equipped home away from home. Once settled, we ventured out to explore the few blocks around us. There was a bakery, a cheese shop, a couple of wine shops, cafes, coffee shops (no, these are not the same as cafes, trust me!), and the winkels (grocery or supermarket in Dutch).

We have fun in any foreign city’s market. We like to see what the locals buy, how they buy, and what’s offered by these retailers. We also like to try local fare.

Dutch winkel find: Tony's Chocolonely, (c) Likeitiz

Dutch winkel find: Tony’s Chocolonely, (c) Likeitiz

On one of the aisles, we came across Tony’s Chocolonely bars. They came in two sizes. What an unusual name for a chocolate bar. Did Tony name it for the lonely people who eat chocolate bars? Or, do people who eat an entire 200 gram bar feel lonely after? Who’s Tony anyway? Is there a different meaning in Dutch for the word “lonely?”

On the back of Tony's Chocolonely bar is a Fair Trade logo, (c) Likeitiz

On the back of Tony’s Chocolonely bar is a Fair Trade logo, (c) Likeitiz

So, we turned over the package. There was a Fair Trade seal at the back. It turns out, the chocolate was borne out of someone’s need to ensure that the chocolate he’s eating was not bought from farmers who practiced slave labor, especially child labor. Ok, that’s noble, socially responsible, and it as succeeded in engaging our attention. (It has also made my salivary glands active in the last few minutes.). But it still does not explain the name to me.

Anyone out there know the explanation? I’ll wait. Or maybe I’ll open a bar just a little on one corner….

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8 Responses to Dutch Chocolate Not Just For The Lonely

  1. Let us know when you open the bar…or chocolate shop. Either stimulates the salivary glands.


  2. auntyuta says:

    Lovely picture of Amsterdam’s centrum. Have you any pictures of what was offered in the markets? I bet a lot of different cheese would have been on offer?


  3. i have no idea-other than maybe they thought that wondering about the name would make you pick up the bar, see it’s made from all good things, and you’d snap one up or two or three or four.


  4. frizztext says:

    “Op 29 november 2005 brengt Teun (Tony) de eerste (lonely) officieel slaafvrije chocoladereep ter wereld op de markt onder de naam: Tony’s Chocolonely…” they use “lonely” like “only”, the only one in the world, who is slave-free produced…


  5. Lucid Gypsy says:

    It sounds like excellent marketing!


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