Tender Early Mornings

My hubby has a habit or rising way before the sun so much as peaks through the drapes. He can’t sleep anymore, he tells me. So, he might as well do some work.

There's a dog under my arm! (C) Likeitiz

There’s a dog under my arm! (C) Likeitiz

On these early mornings, Beau always keeps him company.  Nowadays, we can tell he’s getting better. He has gone back to insinuating himself into everything we do again.  We tease that he’s become “annoying” again.  But we smile when we say it!

Morning kiss! (C) Likeitiz

Morning kiss! (C) Likeitiz

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12 Responses to Tender Early Mornings

  1. happy to see beau being annoying again. you can see in his eyes how much he loves you.


  2. I .cannot live without my dogs. They are great companions. Has yours been ill? Mille here was severely ill for some months and we thought we would lose him. But he recovered miraculuously and I recognize your joke there…he has always been a bit more than active, so to speak – and now he’s as fit (too fit…) as he was several years ago! I’m glad Beau is coming along nicely!


  3. Dogs are the best!


  4. lidipiri says:

    So happy to see them up and about!


  5. frizztext says:

    sweet early morning companionship!


  6. seeker says:

    loving companion…. then coffee… 😛


  7. auntyuta says:

    I love this ‘morning kiss’ picture. it’s really precious.


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