Guest Post: A Thing of Beauty by Esmeralda O. Lyn


Park Avenue (Manhattan)

Park Avenue (Manhattan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could barely manage a smile at Willie, our perpetually sunny doorman.  “Good morning, Mrs. Lyn, ” he greeted me.   After driving over an hour in traffic, the last thing I wanted to do was engage in small talk.  Damn these elevators.  Why so slow?

As soon as I entered the apartment,  I flopped myself into the couch, high heels still on.  What am I doing in this big city? Is this really part of reinventing myself — getting caught up in Manhattan’s concrete grip?  Before  self recrimination could set in, I quickly changed into my sweats and trainers.

I walked along 64th St., smelling the fumes in the air, feeling the rage of drivers caught in the sea of hardly moving traffic.  I approached Fifth  Avenue and started to see the verdant trees along  its sidewalks, which are forever fringed with curious tourists  —  AAH CENTRAL PARK.

The Sheep Meadow in Central Park, New York Cit...

The Sheep Meadow in Central Park, New York City. This 15-acre lawn is named after the sheep that grazed here until 1934. The flock housed a sheepfold, which was subsequently converted into Tavern on the Green. The lawn was restored by the City of New York in 1981. The area is reserved for quiet enjoyment only. Musical instruments are not allowed, and earphones are required for radios. As of 2007, the lawn is open Mid-April to Mid-November, from 11:00 am to dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started walking along its meandering pathways, avoiding joggers,  skaters and cyclists wheel-dancing and speeding through orange cones and wooden barriers.  I reached Sheep Meadow and decided to lay down, soaking up the slanted rays of the sun.  After 15 minutes, I jumped up and walked by the Loeb Boathouse and watched families and couples happily paddling in the lake.  The sun was going down and the shimmering water caught its golden glow. It was time to walk back.

Along 64th street,  I saw two young men ascending from the subway, talking in French and clearly lost.

Eager to help, I asked  “Where do you want to go?”

“Park,”  they answered in unison.

“Park Avenue?”

“No…green…trees,”  one of them said, in halting English.

AAH, CENTRAL PARK.    With a smile, I pointed them to the right direction.

Yes, I am HOME.


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2 Responses to Guest Post: A Thing of Beauty by Esmeralda O. Lyn

  1. eof737 says:

    I enjoyed this short short! 🙂


  2. That was generous of your to help the two men find the green park. Beautiful story. I too am a lover of Nature. I enjoy the city for short visits but I can’t imagine living in a place surrounded by buildings, crazy traffic and a pace of life so fast and quick. Okay, “where’s the green park direction?” Have a great day my friend.


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