Health Care Law Stands!

Affordable Care Act Anniversary

Affordable Care Act Anniversary (Photo credit: SEIU International)

This morning, while getting ready to leave the house, I heard on the news that the US Supreme Court has upheld President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, including the much maligned individual mandate.  Chief Justice Roberts provided the swing vote and eve wrote the majority opinion.  The only aspect of this big hairy audacious plan rejected by them was the penalty for states who do not join the Medicaid expansion.

Yes, people!  It IS constitutional.  The parties against this logical, sensible, humane, and a dire necessity of all who live and work in these 52 states are either too myopic or dyslexic. Or, they are in the pockets of private interests that are threatened by the change of the status quo.

We all know that our medical system, as it stands, is not sustainable. We are a first world country where people have to bankrupt themselves just to get treatment for a major illness.  Or someone everyday is not able to undergo life-saving or life-changing surgery or treatment because he/she can’t afford it.  Or, the medical facilities are overburdened by unpaid debt and services provided to those who show up at their urgent care divisions for medical treatment, and they can’t turn them away.

English: The United States Supreme Court, the ...

I wonder if these people have factored in the rising population of baby boomers retiring every year.  This will surely pack a wallop on the system in the next 2, then 5, then 10 years.  We need to think long-term solutions.  (This means looking beyond the reach of your nose!)

The Republicans have been so quick to declare they will repeal it right away, as early as July even.  They have gone on to make inflammatory slanted declarations like, “this will put the government between you and your doctor.”

The health care law is not perfect. It will need tweaking.  It will need more collaboration, although, I wonder if I will ever see this in my lifetime (and I intend to live long!).  All the countries that have a working health care system have worked at it for years, and they’ll tell you it still needs work.  So we, here in this great country of ours, need to start somewhere. Now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. NOW!

I don’t want to unleash all the profanities that are flashing in my head right now.  Not very becoming of me.  And so, I will do as I have done when my daughter was little and we were upset about something someone did and wanted to wish them the worst of the worst:  I hope a ton of black widow spiders will descend upon these conservative fools and crawl all over their heads, weave their webs around their bodies until they are neatly mummified!  Then the black widows can slowly eat them.

Lawmakers celebrate House passage of the Affor...

Lawmakers celebrate House passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act (Photo credit: House Committee on Education and the Workforce Dem)

So, stop the bigoted, parochial, partisan bickering already.  We’re sick of the partisanship.  It only serves a minority of self-interests, not the rest of us. Not the greater good, (although you’d think by the way they talk on the airwaves, they’re for everyone’s welfare!)  It’s insulting when the conservatives talk as though the masses are no more than a bunch of five-year olds.   It makes me sick to my stomach when they twist information and withhold important points to deceive us.  It’s about time someone in that party crossed the aisle, rolled up their sleeves, and started really working for all of us common folk.

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9 Responses to Health Care Law Stands!

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  3. eof737 says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that many prefer to remain ignorant about the facts of the healthcare bill. I was thrilled when Justice Roberts took a stand for what was morally correct instead of politically expedient. We live in one of the riches nation in the world and yet we have the worst attitude towards those who can’t afford care… I’m glad the bill passed and now we can begin the work of building equity into our system.


  4. I see these everday and even I who work and pay my taxes/health insurance can’t afford to be sick my 20% co-pay. 20% of a major operation or days of ICU care will eat up of what’s left of anyone’s savings unless you’re a millionare or something close. I would like to think that the healthcare is for the best of everyone and not for a selected few. Who’s to say that we won’t need it one day. Crisis can happen to anyone and it’ll be sad working for the medical field for many years and not to be able to afford a decent one when it’s our time to be taken care of.


    • likeitiz says:

      Health Care is a human right and a right as a citizen of a country, just like having police, fire fighters, judges, garbage collection, water and energy provisions, etc. We should not have to earn it or be a member of some group to deserve it.


  5. Writerlious says:

    Ooops. I meant “the.” hehehee


  6. Writerlious says:

    My whole office cheered when we heard. 🙂 It’s high time the U.S. catches up to the rest of hte civilized world!


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