After All These Years Together

Last week, I heard on the news that one of the longest running relationships in the world is about to end.  Ah yes, as the song goes:

“They say that all good things

Must end someday,

Autumn leaves must fall.

But don’t you know

That it hurts me so,

To say goodbye to you….”

My mother used to sing and hum that song a lot when I was little.  I believe it’s a Chad and Jeremy song called “A Summer Song.”  But, I digress.

The Austrian Times announced on June 8, 2012, that one of the oldest animal marriages in the world is headed down the divorce trail, after a remarkable 115 years together.  Two giant turtles, who have been together when they were very young and have gone on to become a couple, are now refusing to share their cage at the Zoo in Klagenfurt, Austria.  They have been together for 36 years there, and before that, they were together living in the Basel Zoo, in Switzerland.  

The Zoo management has been quite perplexed and concerned.  Counselling experts have been called in to try and mediate.  They have tried romantic good mood food and even games to get the couple to interact.  But nothing has worked.  Bibi seems to want the cage to herself.  She has even bitten of a chunk off Poldi’s shell.

I’m sure they have called in the family and the rest of the community to weigh in on this. They have done their interventions with well-meaning friends, couples counselling, the town minister’s sermons, etc.  But, they just can’t stand each other! Sigh!

What makes relationships fail?  Or cease to be relevant?

I went to one of my favorite sites to see what they have to say.  Huffington Post has saved most of the hilarious comments that poured in.  Comments ranged from, “The thrill is gone,” to “I’m sure he waited until the kids were grown up….” to “That’s one shell of a story! Congratulation Bibi, you made your need for freedom known and it’s time to move on, it may be a slow process in your case, but you’ll do it. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi-shelli. Take yourself out to a nice dinner and mix it up a bit, go for the arugula tonight with a nice glass of chelldonnay…” to “It’s the 115 year itch. Is all.”  Read on and enjoy!

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3 Responses to After All These Years Together

  1. Malou says:

    Beautiful post, Mary-Anne! Some good things never last though. 😉


  2. Great piece, mom!


  3. I wish wonderful things and relationships won’t end and although everything in this Earth will pass one day, we can keep them alive through our memories. Beautiful post.


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