Sunday Evening Treat

Last Sunday, we waited until late in the afternoon to catch a glimpse of what would be an eclipse that would result in a wondrous “ring of fire” effect when the moon passes in front of the sun, leaving only a ring around the edges to give the effect. Unfortunately, we did not have the right tools to see it properly.

On Monday morning, my nephew told me he and his friends gathered at Half Moon Bay to see the eclipse.  Here’s what he took with his “trusty” camera:

Eclipse Panoramic view Half Moon Bay, Photo credit (c) Marc Roxas

The event was much celebrated all over the globe.  What at treat it was!

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2 Responses to Sunday Evening Treat

  1. A breathtaking, beautiful panoramic view. We saw half moom bay once on a pumpkin festival . My son was only 1 years old. With or without the moon, is was a wonderful place. Love this image.Almost like in a dream. Thanks….


  2. machisan says:

    beautifully captured.


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