When Two Style Icons Meet


Schiaparelli (Photo credit: lksriv)

I woke up this morning to Eliz’s blog about Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has brought these two style icons together in a most extraordinary presentation of their work.  Eliz has included in her blog YouTube clips of Baz Luhrmann’s video clips of what it would be like if both women had a conversation.  I was so fascinated I watched all of them!

As you all know, Elsa Schiaparelli was at her prime in the 1930’s. But there are so many parallels with these two strong, creative, opinionated, visionary women.  To make the “conversation” possible, Judy Davis plays Ms. Schiaparelli.  She and Ms. Prada sit at a table and talk about their lives, their craft, the era they live in.

Evening ensemble ('38-39), Dinner Ensemble (1940)

Evening ensemble (’38-39), Dinner Ensemble (1940) (Photo credit: C-Monster)

As you go through the photographs of the display, you will see some similarities in style and focus.  They both present such distinctive designs.  And most of them are timeless, really.  (I can only wish I could afford these.  But, nahh!)

I hope you will enjoy the links and the presentations.  I had a wonderful ride.  Many thanks to Eliz for brightening my morning!


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2 Responses to When Two Style Icons Meet

  1. eof737 says:

    Thanks for the mention… I enjoyed the show and must give a shout out to the curators and museum for taking on such a difficult project. I loved the clothes and conversations and would do this again. 🙂


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