An Early Dinner at Hacienda

Outdoor Seating at Hacienda (c) photo Likeitiz

One of our new restaurant favorites now is the Hacienda Cocina y Cantina at the Hacienda Residences, along Playa Medano, Cabo San Lucas.  It’s another find my husband stumbled upon when he was consulting Trip Advisor for a restaurant recommendation.  Boy!  Were they dead on with this one! We really had a great experience.

We were greeted by very friendly and gracious staff.  There was not a hint of pretense nor arrogance in any of them. And we welcomed it. We sat on one of the balcony tables and quickly perused the menu offerings. This is one place we definitely will keep coming back to.  Of course, as usual, our eyes were hungrier than our stomachs.  We decided on a few choice recommendations and added a few more.

Molcajete at Hacienda (c) photo Likeitiz

One of my sisters was hell-bent on “eating authentic.”  No burritos or any Americanized fare for her.  She ordered the Molcajete.  Technically,  the word means mortar and pestle, or suribachi, made usually from solid basalt stone (lava stone) and designed on one end to look like the face of a pig.  As one can imagine, such material can be heated to very high temperatures.

The dish had quite the array of offerings: Skirt steak, grilled chicken, chorizo, poblano chile, grilled panela cheese, black beans, avocado.

Aside from these, we also ordered the grilled Pulpo Cantina or grilled octopus.  This was served with lots of greens, squeezed lime, mild spices and the fried chips.

We also decided on some seafood dishes, a shrimp dish with tamarind sauce and a sea bass with freshly made salsa fresca with jicama, ripe pineapples and mangoes thrown in.  The flavors in the salsa contrasted beautifully with the pan-fried fresh fish.  The tamarind sauce complimented the fresh succulence of the shrimp.  We did order a few more items but you know what? We were so busy stuffing our faces, we forgot to take a photo of the others!  Believe me, it was hard to concentrate on taking photos when the food smelled and looked so good!

We decided to top off the meal by sharing three desserts:  The Churros con chocolate, which was highly recommended.  We added a chocolate cake, of course, and lastly a quatro leches.  The usual is a tres leches cake and so we were intrigued by four milks used in this dish.

The Churros was heavenly, as expected. They offered a second choice sauce, a dulce de leche type sauce. But we stuck with the chocolate, of course.  I can still hear the crunch as I first bit into it.  Ahh! it was divine!

The chocolate cake had an unusual sauce. The server called it Rompope sauce, which, based on his description seems like a creme anglaise, made with egg yolks, sugar, cream, but with cinnamon and rum added.  I guess the latter makes it similar to an eggnog too, huh?  Well, it complemented the cake very well.

As for the Cuatro Leches, I don’t know.  I’m still staunchly loyal to the Tres Leches cake served the Bistro at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. I don’t think anything has compared to that one to date.  The fourth leche, or milk, added was the whipping cream poured to cover the cake.

At the end of the meal, we bade our servers farewell and walked long the beach for a bit, holding on to our sandals.  The sun was just beginning to go down and the lights along the Playa were slowly becoming more prominent.

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5 Responses to An Early Dinner at Hacienda

  1. munchow says:

    What a delightful meal you seem to have enjoyed. I get hungry just reading your post and looking at the pictures. What really caught my eye was the molcajete, I will have to try that once. Sounds like a delicious meal. Your photos are outstanding, and, yes, what a view!


  2. Writerlious says:

    Yum! The Molcajete (sp??) looks amazing! Gorgeous pictures as always. 🙂


  3. Food and amazing views to die for. Your food photos are always irresistibly delicious. Must be a joyful event to feats over looking a breathtaking seascape. Have a beautiful day…thanks for sharing a trip to remember…


  4. Gilly Gee says:

    Sounds divine, i would have to walk it off for hours!


  5. Lagos says:

    They have really good presentation and it looks so good as well!


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