More Blooms!

Remember when I posted the photos of my yard awash in spring blooms?  Well, we have more!  

The yard has bloomed even more flowers.  The Rhododendrons have come out.  I had given up on planting any more tulips because our property is overrun by pesky rabbits, tiny ones, that systematically decapitate these lovely flowers.  But I can see that there are a handful that survived to bloom.

There is always something so admirable by how tulips stand proudly up and sway with the breeze.  Such grace and aplomb!  They always fill me with a sense of promise.  Of hope even.

Well, I did not stop there!  Aside from my usual plants around the house, I’ve picked up some additional cheery companions.   And I’ve been able to get some pink Dendrobium from the local farmer’s market.  I have forgotten how fragrant they can be!  I placed them at the top of our steps inside the house as a welcoming sight and smell.  

How can this possibly not cheer anyone up everyday?  They certainly put a smile on my face and lighten my step!  I might even hum a bit!

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7 Responses to More Blooms!

  1. Gilly Gee says:

    Beautiful, I love the orchids and you have a great garden 🙂


  2. Beautiful flowers. You certainly have a green thumb. My wife loves tulips too, but they don’t have a chance to grow in our place due to pesky deers and rabbits.


    • likeitiz says:

      We had to fence in our property to keep the clans (not just families) of deer that would come into our proprty to feed, sleep, poop, etc. in our yard. But tr rabbits are able to get in between the railings. And they multiply quite prolifically. One way to get rid of them is to trap them in cages and bring the cages somewhere far away.


  3. Writerlious says:

    Gorgeous, Mary-Ann! Especially the pink Dendrobium. I heart your garden. 🙂


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