This Tango Is A Proxy War

Tango Boca

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I have been listening to bits of news here and there about some skirmishes between Iran and the USA and Israel.  As you all know by now, at center stage is the fear that Iran is building nuclear bombs, in spite of Iran’s consistent claims that the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.  Of course, there is, as expected, much posturing from all parties, verbal threats of sanctions here and passage closures there, and the stock markets are roller-coastering along, depending on what’s been said and who had the last word for the day.  Oil prices have edged up in anticipation of shortages, and it’s not even summer yet!

On the sidelines are seemingly small flashpoints, not always in the top headlines, but nevertheless increasingly disturbing:

Take the reported assassination of an Iranian scientist in January, 2012, or the one further back in July, 2011, from KQED.

That was disturbing enough.  Now, we hear of more reprisals of the same fight on someone else’s backyard:

On Valentine’s day, news of Iranian nationals who were responsible for two blasts in Bangkok, reached the airwaves.  Two days later, Thai police had reported that the bombing plots were targeted against Israeli diplomats.  It was also reported that the bombs used were very similar to the ones used in New Delhi, India on February 13, 2012.  A failed bombing attempt was also reported in Tbilisi, Georgia, on the car of an Israeli attaché.

This is war by proxy.  Instead of an actual fencing match, where people come face to face, albeit in armor and mask, little tit-for-tats dot the globe, much to the aggravation of local law enforcement and terrified innocents caught in the crossfire.

It is a very dangerous, even lethal dance that should not be taken lightly nor flicked off, like lint on your sleeve.  It is a tango, full of intricate, well executed steps, full of passion and emotion that lingers long after the song has ended.

Postscript:  I can’t help but wonder, in this day and age, with such a variety of ways to communicate and efficient travel for face-to-face  meetings, why people cannot come together to talk things out.  Am I being too simplistic?  I can hear the protocol experts all decrying the complexity of even deciding on the proper venue.  What a shame!

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