Still Waiting To Like Yoga

Okay, I admit it:  I’ve been a slacker for the most part of 2011 with regular exercises.  And so, as the new year rolled in, I resolved to motivate myself to get back on track with my promise to myself to get at least 20 our of 30 days of the month doing sustained exercises for at least one hour, that results in the recommended heart rates and visible sweating.

Yoga at Redondo Beach, Half Moon Bay, September 2013 photo credit (c) likeitiz

Yoga at Redondo Beach, Half Moon Bay, September 2013 photo credit (c) likeitiz

First, I took a look at my routine.  Let me tell you, it has become a routine, and a tired one at that.  I either walked the dog around the neighborhood, which has enough of a challenge because we’re on a hill surrounded by more hills.  Or, I would go on the elliptical and go at it with enough resistance for about an hour, followed by some weight routines.  But, Lukey-boy is gone (see previous posts)* and I’m not so keen on the elliptical these days.

Oh, did I mention to you that I tried joining a gym.  That did not work.  The nearest one to our home is 25 minutes away, from our garage to their parking lot.  Forget it.  I went regularly for the first two months, even attended classes.  Then, I started to find excuses not to go.

After talking to my nephew and my sister, I decided to invest in an exercise program.  I purchased a program called P90X.  Sounds familiar?  It’s on regular infomercials, I think.  I heard there’s enough balance and variety.  So, I thought I’d try it.

Next, I needed to motivate myself.  I thought about my friends, some of who are older than me but are quite committed to doing marathons every year.  One friend still runs the Boston Marathon.  He runs the Napa Marathon in order to qualify for it.  Another friend just mentioned to me he’s running the Hawaii Marathon in December and his training is starting in June.

Then I thought about the research I’ve been doing on the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.  I have wanted to do that 800 Km. walk with my hubby one day ever since I heard about it from another friend last summer.  (More about that in a future blog.).  Perhaps, I can envision how I’d like to be by the time we do go for the pilgrimage.  I’d really like to be fit and able to withstand the long daily walks and still be able to enjoy the promised beauty of the countryside and the journey itself.

And so, I have started.  I am on my third week.  I chose the lean program.  I don’t need to get all pumped up.  I just want to be strong and to develop endurance, I said to myself.  At the same time, I come from a family with hyper-mobile joints.  We are a family of contortionists, you could say.  But it also makes us prone to injuries.  And so, I don’t jump around a lot, to protect my knees.  I march, quite enthusiastically and heartily.

The program has, for the first four weeks, a prescribed routine per day for each day of the week. Then it repeats.  One day is dedicated to yoga.  I get to do it on the 4th day of each week.  I admit, I’ve dabbled in yoga in the past, and did not really care for it.  I thought it was just not for me.  I liked moving around a lot.

This segment is very disciplined. I have noticed that in the third time around, I’m able to bend and stretch further.  I’m able to maintain certain postures and positions like the warrior poses, without falling over, but not without trembling!  I have to really concentrate on blanking out my mind.  But being the multi-tasker, I have to actively shoo away the self-reminders to do this and not forget to do that.

But I still am not enamored with it.  I can’t stand doing “downward dog” but I understand how valuable and good it is for my muscles.  I think I don’t like that it hurts my palms and wrists.  My nephew told me to try holding weights instead to prevent undue pressure on my wrists.

I like the other programs like kickboxing called KenpoX. Or the CardioX.  There are days where they focus on the upper body and then the lower body on another day.  Then there are the core exercises, which are very important.  And so on and so forth.  But, I like the yoga the least.

I will, however, persist.  I am hoping that repeating the moves and gaining skills will help me understand this ancient practice that so many people revere and love.


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4 Responses to Still Waiting To Like Yoga

  1. eof737 says:

    You are funny! I bet you read the NY Times article too? I love yoga and have practiced it for over 30 years. One must have a skilled teacher… That is key. 🙂


  2. Gilly Gee says:

    I did yoga for years but most I’ve forgotten and I’m now very lazy only walking for exercise!


  3. I’m trying to be healthy as well. Exercising is not easy. It requires our commitment but I know that with determination, we can do it. Yoga sounds like a great way to relax…I wish you the best my friend…..


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