Best Breakfast

A few weeks ago, we ventured into the city to meet some people on a lazy rainy Sunday morning.  After the brief meeting, we decided to go to Union Street.  There were not too many people on the street.  We headed over to one restaurant our daughter introduced to us not too long ago, Cafe des Amis.

We were greeted by a friendly young woman in a powder blue sweater and black skirt.  She looked around for a suitable table and led us to a warm spot in between a couple finishing up on the right and a family half way through their brunch on the left.  Our server, a good-looking young man with a distinct French accent and excellent English greeted us warmly.  We asked for a pot of coffee while we languidly perusedthe menu.

English: Eggs Benedict, made at the Clinton St...

Classic Eggs Benedict


I thought I’d splurge that morning so I decided on the Benedict des Amis. My hubby thought he’d like their flat-iron steak frites with Arugula.  We were given such gloriously wonderful bread while we waited.

Their take on the brunch classic was very very French.  Melt-in-your-mouth Jambon de Paris with a perfectly poached egg on top, both sitting on a warm crunchy slice of French baguette, with a light drizzling of Hollandaise sauce.  (Thank goodness they did not drown the entire thing in sauce!) The real thing too!  Not the packaged stuff (yuck!).  And yes, he gave me some arugula too!.  Louie’s steak was flavorful and done to his liking, with just enough béarnaise sauce to compliment. The frites were on a paper cone with ketchup and mayo served on the side.  Each piece was crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside, just how it should be.  The salads were lightly tossed with a tangy dressing.

We slowly worked on our entrees, savoring every bite, feeding each other from our plates.  Then, as we were about to conclude, he asked me if I would mind if he ordered the buckwheat crepes.  To be shared, of course.  He had been eyeing them even from our previous visit.  I saw the excitement in his eyes.  Hmmm.  This will mean some extra time working off the added weight.  We both looked up as our server approached us and ordered the treat.

The crepes were adorned with toasted pecans and caramelized bananas.  They were done just so right!

By the time we paid and ventured out into the rain, it was early afternoon.  We walked a little but the weather was just not conducive to browsing.  And so, we headed home.

I’ve had other great breakfasts but this one came to mind when I read about the WordPress daily challenge.  I guess it’s recent enough.  Would I go back?  On a heartbeat!


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2 Responses to Best Breakfast

  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    I love Eggs Benedict too – I love poached eggs anyhow. Just delicious gooey & nutritious. Unfortunately my son doesn’t like eggs!


  2. My wife loves Eggs Benedict! Those in your photo looks delicious, creamy and just oh-so tasty. That is one “best” breakfast that will be remembered. There’s nothing more enriching than starting the day with a dreamy breakfast.
    Wishing you and your family all the love , joy , peace and good health this Holiday season and everyday. A toast to a memorable 2011 and to an awesome 2012 to come.


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