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I often hear the sad conclusion, “Money is the root of all evil.”  Normally, it’s said with an air of resignation, after heaving a great sigh.  Over the years, I have wondered about the statement.  After all, money is a very neutral entity. It’s an object. It consists of coins and printed paper.  It appears innocuous enough. It has no will nor power of its own.

And then, I think of how the presence or even the mere mention of money changes people’s attitudes. It transforms usual inattentiveness to heightened alertness.  It colors conversations between parties and even encourages more intense emotions.  The latter can be accompanied by raised voices and hasty declarations.

I know of a family that has struggled with so much hostile conflict, made public by their legal skirmishes.  A daughter, once trusted with the family’s investments, has chosen to systematically unload some family assets without any prior authorization from the rest of the family.  She claims she was doing this all for her family’s own good. That her siblings can’t manage their money. That her father will only share the proceeds with his other family, a prospect she looks upon with disdain. But she siphons all the proceeds for her own purposes, not sharing even a penny with anyone else.  Now they have to battle this all in a public court.

I know of another family, having reached their rock bottom hardship, called for help from reliable relations across the globe.  The conscientious bunch came to the rescue and through hard work, long hours of dedication, many miles of sacrifice forsaking even their own brood at times, succeeded in elevating this family’s misery to not just a comfortable existence but quite a prestigious and opulent lifestyle.  When it came time to pay off debts, when it came time to comply with requirements, the family members began to show their true colors.  They wanted to be left alone.  They insisted on their egregious claims. They proclaimed sole responsibility for their success.  They wanted to bask in the grandeur of their social standing.  Injurious words were flung across the table, on the telephone, through chosen emissaries.  Pronouncements to inflict pain and suffering were issued.  The conscientious bunch was too bewildered to make sense of the outbursts or even the promised legal filings.

When I was a young girl, my mother told me that I should always be careful about burning bridges:

“You don’t know where life may take you.  Who knows, you might have to cross that bridge again one day.”

I have always valued that advise.  What happens, though, when the bridges you are burning are your own kin’s?  Your own blood?

There is an old adage in Filipino:

“Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa kanilang pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa kanilang paroroonan.”

Translation: If you do not know how to appreciate where you came from, you will likely not reach your destination.  Something like that.

Money is not the root of all evil.  It’s the worship of money that is evil.  It’s the people who hold money above all else who are evil. Money is just their vehicle.

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6 Responses to Money, Money, Money

  1. Money can tear a family but it can also create a bond that can test the most difficult and painful circumstances. I am a proof of that now and so are my parents who had to conquer their own battles. But with God and faith….in the end the good will always prevail. Thanks for the recent comment. Stay blessed my friend.


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  3. Money changes people. I’ve seen it destroy families. I can’t understand why people would trade their own flesh and blood for money or properties. In the end, money can’t be taken to their grave although I’m sure they can afford a golden casket. My dad was betrayed by his own sister, took his share of the family inheritance and went back to canada. I hope it made her happy and was all worth the devious plan. Although I doubt it. Money will only last if you know how to earn then and make it work for you. Lazy persons only know how to spend them to the last dime. I’m glad you shared your story and well as those whom you know. People need to realize that it is more common than they think. It happen to anyone of us. I was fooled too because of money. It broke my heart but worse it broke certain relationships. So, yes, money is an ultimate evil if it rules your life in any way. God bless you always…


  4. MOL says:

    Money is a necessity in so far as it is needed as a means for bartering for services and goods for a decent life in the society we live in. But the abuse of it can enslave us to a life of greed and corruption.


  5. eof737 says:

    You said it well and I know my share of the folks you mentioned… Money is energy and people use it for good or evil. 😦


  6. auntyuta says:

    Maybe what is the right way and what is the wrong way of handling money is a moral question? Personally I reckon it is important that people learn to live within their means. People should also be made aware that some investments are just not secure enough. Don’t let speculators handle your money that you or your family need to survive. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having sufficient money to lead a decent life. So how can having money be an evil thing? But as you say, it becomes evil as you worship money and hold money above all else. What do you think about interest rates? How high should they be? Is it morally wrong to charge very high interest rates? Is it possible to look at this from a moral point of view?


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