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This morning we left a little early. We wanted to avoid the traffic into the city. We were going to the campus tour of USF. The air was cool for summer. The sky was blanketed with clouds, although the forecast called for bright sunny skies later in the morning. Matt sat sleepy-eyed beside me in the car. The music was blaring “Secrets.”

“By OneRepublic, right?” Matt was awake after all! I nodded, smiling, but looking straight ahead.

“I really enjoy the cello playing in the background,” I said.

“I don’t think I know anyone who plays the cello.” Matt replied, searching his mind.

We reach the campus and park our car. We’re early, so we wandered into their cafe. Matt started looking at the menu. He read the items offered at the mini-grocery.

I watch him walk around and I suddenly remember a two-year old boy screaming bloody murder in the car as we drove home one winter afternoon in Toronto. He was upset about something and was difficult to console, as he was back then. We pulled into the garage and gently lifted him off his car seat. As we unloaded our bags from the car, he walked out into the driveway, still whimpering. All of sudden, there was silence. We looked around in search of Matt. He was smiling up at the sky as the snowflakes started to fall. A few fell on his face. He squealed in delight, flung his arms to catch them as they fell. He loved the cold. And the pristine white snow.

A lot has happened since then. Now, it’s preparation time for college years as Matt’s high school years draw to a close, in a year’s time.

I feel a hand on my arm and I am suddenly back in the USF admissions waiting room again. Matt has gotten out of his chair and was signaling me to do the same. It’s time for the tour to begin.

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