Woody & Buzz

We just had to see it, Lara, Marc, and me.  For old time’s sake.  Missed having Mitch with us.  But it felt like all those times when I would be the only parent left to take the trio to a summer cartoon blockbuster, like the Rugrats series of movies.  The long hot lines to see the latest Disney or Pixar hit. I’ve been through having to grin and bear it with young kids wailing and fidgeting on the line with their parents alternating from yelling and swatting them.  I look at the trio with me and I have this smile on my face.  They knew how to wait calmly, quietly, congenially, how to amuse themselves and each other while waiting, to anticipate the smell of the popcorn, the cold theater, the great ride through another adventure, “to infinity and beyond.”

Last night, we saw Toy Story 3 in RWC. Andy’s now 17 and he’s preparing to go off to College. He’s packing up his room.  What to do with all his longtime pals? The movie takes you down memory lane from the perspective of the toys but more importantly, what happens to the old toys who have been part of Andy’s life all these years.  It was all about letting go.  The toys had to let Andy go, graciously, fondly, lovingly.  Andy had to let them go too.  I will not spoil it for those who might want to see it.  But, the treatment was pretty impressive.  Not too sappy or corny. Not silly either.

There were jokes for the adults, which, I’m sure would be lost on the kids.  There were Fisher-Price toys featured, like the telephone on wheels. THere were also Mattel toys, Barbie and Ken.  Lots of puns with regards Ken’s penchant for clothes. THere were also the robots and the stuffed animals.  Of course, the old gang was there, aside from Woody and BuzzJesse, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, the dinosaur, the three aliens, etc. 

For a cartoon, the movie lasted almost two hours.  The animation was true to form, something to be expected of Pixar.  Even the short film before the main event was very amusing.  Ahh, time has passed so quickly.  Even the cartoon themes have evolved.  I’m reminded of the movie, Up, where the theme is all about aging and renewing a commitment to life.  I guess even Disney and Pixar have to appeal to baby-boomer themes.

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