I know that everyone thinks they have the best kid, the smartest kid, the funniest kid, etc. But for the record, I really do!!! And I don’t only have one kid, I am lucky enough to have three of the best, smartest, funniest kids in the whole world. I am constantly entertained from morning till night. Now having said that, there are a few of those traits I feel, at times, I can do without. Like when I tell my kids that’s it’s time for bed because it is already 10:00 pm, when it is actually only 9:58 pm, the smartest kid has to call me out on it. Or when I am cooking and I accidentally spill sauce all over myself, my kids laugh so hard that I think they are going to pee in their pants. Or when I tell them to hand me the pink towel and they correct me by telling me that it is fuchsia.

Now my two boys were very easy babies/toddlers. For the most part, they listened and behaved. My daughter, well, she’s something else. She is too smart for her own good and mine. It amazes me how she can be the easiest child and the most difficult at the same time. Today, she proved it. I told her to go to bed. She said “no” and started whining. So I let her stay up for another five minutes. It wasn’t even five minutes yet when she turns to me and says “go to bed Mommy.” She then turns to her Daddy, gives him a big hug and kiss, and says goodnight. We walk into the room, brush her teeth, climb on the bed and, within five minutes, she is passed out. Uhm…what just happened?

It’s great! I love it! It gets easier and easier with each passing day. However, if you ask me if I would want one more, the answer would be a big “NO!” I would love another girl but if I have one more, what if it is a girl? Yikes! But Parker is the cutest, most adorable, precious little girl. She is the only child who will come running to the door to greet us when we come home from work. My boys are too cool for that. She will sit, hug and give kisses freely. My boys will do it but I would have to bribe them first. But, my boys will wear what I tell them to and come running when I count and haven’t reached the number three. My daughter, however, will put up a fight every morning if she doesn’t like her chosen outfit and give me grief over a pair of shoes. Keep in mind, she only turned two at the end of June. I think my husband and I are in for a world of trouble. But for now, we enjoy her wonderful personality, whining and all.

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I am a wife of an amazing man, mother of three amazing children, and caretaker of two crazy dogs.
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1 Response to Sigh…girls.

  1. I just hope she’ll grow up unspoiled. It may be cute when they are little bundles of joy but not after that. I guess too that we do underestimate our kids’ ability to know when “it’s time.” I remember Manette telling me that one day, Mitch refused to wear diapers and declared himself toilet trained. And that was that. He truly was toilet trained thereafter!


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