Our new “kitchen” set.

So Rob and I went to LA yesterday to interview a potential Nanny. On the way back, we stopped in Downtown LA to pick up some stuff from Mom, who was on one of her shopping excursions with Auntie Alet. Rob and I decided to buy Parker a small play kitchen set since she loves to pretend to cook. Rob thought it would be cute to have her cook in the kitchen when I am cooking. After a quick 10 minute search, we found the perfect pink kitchen with a fake dishwasher, that makes sound and swishes water, and a fake washing machine, that spins.

On our way home, we thought it would be nice to enjoy a dinner without the kids, instead of rushing home in LA traffic. We also thought that it would be a good idea to pick up a cheap toy for the boys so that they don’t feel left out, especially after they see Parker’s gift. So we hopped into Game Stop and picked up a used video game, thinking they would be overwhelmed with joy. Boy were we wrong!

Rob and I got home a little after 9:00 pm. The kids were wide awake and eagerly waiting for us. We showed Parker her surprise first, since it was the biggest and too hard to hide. The look on her face was priceless, absolutely priceless. She screamed with joy and started running around the room at the sight of this semi-big pink box with a pink kitchen set on the front. She was, literally, screaming with excitement. We then decided to give the boys their gifts. Both boys were excited and smiling but what they really wanted to do was to play with Parker’s kitchen.

The kitchen set was a HUGE hit for all three kids. They loved serving each other pretend french fries with pretend ketchup. Then they pretended to clean up and giggled in excitement at how fun it is to pretend cook and pretend clean. Riley and Payton couldn’t get over how much fun the pretend kitchen was, even if it was pink and “girly.” Wouldn’t it be great if they can stop pretending and enjoy cooking and cleaning in real life. But I know that time will come, sooner than later. For now, it’s great to just pretend.

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I am a wife of an amazing man, mother of three amazing children, and caretaker of two crazy dogs.
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1 Response to Our new “kitchen” set.

  1. Hooray, Lil! Welcome to a great adventure! Now I know what to compliment thier playtime with.


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