Hello, Family! This blog is our indulgence outside of work to talk about and chronicle our family’s milestones, quirks, and special events. Since not all of us live in the same city, or continent, this is a place for us to share the highlights of our family’s lives.  However, this blog is not for tweets or writings on walls. This blog will go beyond all the popular social media.

I want to not just read about Jody’s recent declaration he no longer wants to be kissed by Maj in public when she drops him off at school. I want to see what Maj thinks about it. Or the search for the college that would be the right fit for Matt, but more importantly, Pinky’s deep fears and concerns.  I would like for us to celebrate each developmental milestone Parker achieves, posted on the very day, as witnessed by Lil. I want to read about her gushing over it.  It would surely make my day complete.  I would like to hear about Manette’s enthusiasm over her projects or her musings on her boys, who have become men.  I want to share with you Lara’s latest pursuits, or Louie’s most recent candid remark that made me laugh until I cried, or my trials and tribulations with my hot flashes.

Let’s set aside time to celebrate our loved ones, in writing, sharing our honest thoughts, fears, aspirations. Let’s give each other tips on how to make the humdrum of living better, easier, more fun!  Let us slowly weave together stories, anecdotes, shared ideas and discoveries so that one day, our kids can read about it and look back to their childhood and their youth, and remember us, as we were then, to them.  Maybe we can even start our families’ recipes and ideas to pass on to the next generation.

What this blog will not do is dwell on THE family business.  We will not mention work in this blog, nor even suggest it. As they say, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This blog will be our sacred escape.

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1 Response to Invitation

  1. auntyuta says:

    I like your ideas about blog-writing. I feel privileged that I may read your blogs. Can’t wait to read more of them!


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